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Our Pricing & Shopping Experience Explained

Because wholesaling crystals is quite complex, online shopping software struggles to deal with it – so we bend the software a bit beyond it’s original design parameters to get the job done. We sell using two main methods.

  1. We sell by the piece – we have a set price per piece, and you just add as many items as you want – simple.
  2. We also sell by weight. Specifically, we sell by the gram. So this is why you see product titles such as “Grams of Tumbled Malachite” and so on. It is also the reason why you see such odd looking prices, because it is the price for just 1 gram. Simply specify the amount of grams you would like (example: 1000 grams = 1 kilo) and we will select either that exact amount of grams of that item you want, or just over – never under!

Why do the prices seem to change fractionally from day to day?

If you are from any country other than New Zealand, you will notice the prices will change fractionally from day to day, this is because the currency default for this site is in NZD. We operate currency conversion software, which should identify the country you are from and show the converted amount in your own currency. Our software updates the currencies every hour to keep on top of things.

You have a steady supply of stock so I’m good to add items to my cart over a few days before “checking out” right?

Yeah, nah – don’t do that! We do have a large range, but we also get very fast selling lines in – that we cannot replace. So it is very much first in first served. You may make multiple orders over a few days and ask us for a separate shipping price to pay when you are done. We will weigh all your orders together and either rebate any shipping savings you may n the form of extra crystals for your order (effectively store credit). We will work with you on this to get the best  possible result for you. You will need to email us immediately to let us know you want to consolidate orders as we pack em fast! We would do rebates, but the likes of Paypal do not credit their “cut” back.

I have items in my cart, they are safe their until I checkout?

Sorry no, shopping cart software does not work like that. Again, it is who ever is first to complete checkout – gets the rewards.


Payment Methods

We accept the following payment methods

  • Paypal
  • Credit/Debit card via Windcave. If you have an American Express Card, you can process that through the paypal gateway. You do not need a Paypal account to do this.
  • International Wire Transfer – let us know, and we will send you our details.


What is all this minimum order stuff all about?

You may have already noticed our minimum first order requirements – Your first buy with us will need to be a minimum purchase of $500 NZD (About $365 USD) before shipping charges are added .

We are true wholesalers, and what this means is that we have set our prices as low as possible, and we rely on volume to be successful. We pledged to our New Zealand shops that we would never sell wholesale to just anybody who walks off the street.

Here in New Zealand, by far the largest city has very few crystal shops, this is because one of the main wholesalers will sell to absolutely anyone, and the other has such a low qualifying price, that even a small modest purchase of crystals entitles one to wholesale rates. This means shops cannot compete with their own suppliers – not fair! We simply will not do that to our New Zealand customers, and we will not sell to overseas people that are not dealers/shops or online stores either. Pop over to our retail arm and you will notice the prices are a LOT higher there.