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Shipping Explained

Shipping is handled by weight, as you add items the shipping goes up until you reach the “flat rate” range where upon the shipping cost will stay static no matter how much more you add after that point. The start of the flat rate range is 28 kilos for New Zealanders, Over 20 kilos for Australians, and over 17.5 kilos for rest of World. In fact, the more items that you add from that point, your shipping rate per kg effectively goes down. For overseas buyers, while our shipping may look expensive, the initial price of our products will more than offset that – so you are still far ahead!

Shipping from New Zealand seems quite expensive?

Yes, it can be, New Zealand geographically is at the bottom of the World, so yes, the distances are large. However, as mentioned our crystal prices are so sharp, you will still overall save yourself a lot of money when you consider your order in totality. For New Zealand, we use overnight tracked courier service with Courier Post. For overseas orders, we use the tracked EMS Air Courier service. This offers similar time frames as the large carriers such as DHL, UPS and Fedex etc.

Actually, I would prefer to use DHL, UPS and Fedex, may I use them?

Technically, yes you can request we use one of the companies mentioned, however the cost is unbelievable. These companies New Zealand offices accept arms, legs and even kidneys as payment options! OK, they don’t, but they do charge twice as much, sometimes even more. The only possible advantage is that you “may” receive your order maybe one, or in rare cases two days sooner.

Returns and Refunds

If you receive damaged or incorrect items, please do let us know and we will either resolve it with a refund, or sending replacements. Damaged items will be very, very rare as we have over 20 years experience packing crystals in such a way they will make it to you intact – we are very good at packing!