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Colombian Quartz

Wholesale Colombian Quartz For Sale

Colombian Quartz has been tested as being the most pure Quartz in the World. It is quite hard to find specimens larger than 70mm long, but here at Majestic Crystal Wholesale, we wholesale small (50mm or slightly less) right through to whoppers over 15mm. Colombian Quartz is never cheap. In fact it is some of the most expensive quartz in the World – except at Majestic Crystal Wholesale! Instead of the 1000 USD a kg Wholesale Colombian Quartz usually sells for at places like Tuscon, we sell it for $300 NZD a kilo! (At the time of writing this $218 USD a kilo!). Check further down this page for a video of an “average Kilo” We put together. You can expect very similar to arrive at your door courtesy of Majestic Crystal Wholesale!

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Our Example Kilo Of Wholesale Colombian Quartz Video


About the Colombian Quartz On This Site

Quite rightly, there is a lot of concern for the well being of miners and non exploitation of children and so on.

We here at Majestic Crystal wholesale saw what was happening in Colombia. With the insane prices - going to many middlemen along the way. We cut through all that and hired a Colombian Miner who works just for us, liaising with other miners throughout Colombia.

The mines where these super shiny masterclass crystals come from are usually quite small, and run by owner operators - most often helped by their families. Now we can ensure the miners are fairly paid and you the customer may now also pay a fair price while knowing the full history of these incredible crystals journey all the way to your hands - everybody wins!

Below are some photos of the terrain and so on from where these wonders of nature are birthed!

The Lada Used For Gathering The Colombian Quartz Crystals For Wholesale

Behold The Majestic Colombian Quartz Crystal Wholesale Lada Four Wheel Drive!

Four Wheel Drive Taking Colombian Quartz For Wholesale back to base.

Taking this miner complete with chicken coop to the next village!

The road leading to the mines - Colombian Quartz Crystal Wholesale

We hope you don't mind super steep decent then across a river? Hold on tight for this part! The Road that leads to Colombian Quartz Crystal Paradise!

The Natural Terrain where wholesale colombian quartz crystals are found

Beautiful Rugged Natural Terrain!


Mountain of wholesale colombian quartz for sale

Wow, even the mountain is shaped like a crystal!

Workers mining for wholesale Colombian Quartz

Multiple members of the family assist in the operation.

Road to wholesale Colombian Quartz

One needs to be careful, roads can just end!

Machinary used to mine wholesale colombian quartz crystals

Innovative ways to carry in machinery to the mine site is prerequisite for mining Colombian Quartz!

Wholesale Colombian Quartz Specimens being mined

And this is what it is all about! This is a very special mine that can produce Tourmalated Quartz in Colombia!