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Grams Of Faden Quartz Crystals – Colombia

This video shows a sample of Faden Quartz Crystals. You will receive beautiful crystals from the same family as shown in the video and photos!

Choose your Natural Faden Quartz Crystals – Colombia per gram.

Example: 1000 units =1000 grams (1 Kilo)

Price Per Kilo – ($600 NZD)
Dimensions – 40mm to 100mm wide
Average Weight Per Piece – 10 – 100 grams

The word Faden is from the German language, meaning thread.

Though the line running through these crystals could be viewed by some as being divisive or a sign of duality, it is more an indication of the symmetry of life in this amazing universe. In human terms this can be taken as we are all one people and all linked, yet are individuals contributing to a collective consciousness. This family of individual crystals is also linked together. Should one choose to work with these beautiful crystals in a harmonious and positive matter, that positive energy and intent will be channeled directly back to all of the Faden crystals.

As Faden Quartz crystals are easily programmed, this is easy to do. Just hold one in your hands and think/feel any or all of the following: synergy, balance, communication, self healing, connection, unity, love, white light. Then put the crystal in a safe place, and it’s done!

These crystals are very good for working on oneself as well. Faden Quartz Crystals are Master Self Healing crystals!

Additional information

Weight 1 g