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Grams Of Light Pink Lithium Lemurian Seed Quartz Clusters – Colombia

This video shows a sample of a 1 kg “lot”. You will receive beautiful clusters from the same family as shown in the video and photos!

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Choose your Natural Light Pink Lithium Lemurian Seed Quartz Clusters – Colombia per gram.

Example: 1000 units =1000 grams (1 Kilo)

Price Per Kilo – ($170 NZD)
Dimensions – 50mm to 250mm wide
Average Weight Per Piece – 30 – 1500 grams

Deep from within the lush rain forest of Santander, Colombia comes a spectacular discovery of a new variety of Quartz called Sacred Rosé Pink Lithium Quartz. It comes from a small mine that is very new. These “Heart” crystals have come out at just the right time to help us keep heart in these trying times, to help us keep pure and positive thoughts and actions in the face of the great adversities these times are generating.
The pink coloring comes from the mineral lithium. Lithium does not just power batteries, it is also used as a soothing, calming medication. The Quartz itself is the extremely pure Silver light variety that Colombia is famous for! This high vibrational Quartz enhances and amplifies the already impressive properties of the Pink Lithium. It is not just the purity of the Quartz, and power of the Lithium that is exceptional with these sacred treasures, but also the formation of the Quartz points themselves. Formations such as Tabular, Faden, and even Lemurian style striations – all in clusters of inspired divine beacons of light.

Colombian Clear Quartz – This crystal seeks to bring balance, amplify and radiate positive energy. The legendary purity of Colombian Quartz helps one to purge toxicity from the body, mind and soul. On a physical level it strengthens the bodies immune system.
Silver Light – Silver light quartz runs at the highest vibration of all the quartz types. It is very rare. The silver light term comes from their unparalleled luster that appears to reflect a silvery light! Silver Light Quartz helps us seek and attain purity of thought, emotions and desires. These special crystals are masterful co-creators and are extremely willing partners for crystal programming, manifestation and conscious intent styles of work.

Lithium – This special mineral calms the emotions, helping release stress and helping the body charge up with positive energy. It is also calming for the body as well. Lithium helps one deal with long suppressed memories by gently bringing them to the surface, and letting oneself view these past experiences with emotional calmness and clarity. Lithium opens both the heart and third eye chakras – bringing powerful visions, while boosting ones heart to manifest these visions into the physical realm.
Lithium combined with Quartz can be used to assist in addiction withdrawal, as well as issues of insomnia, anxiety, and panic disorders.

Green Fuchsite – Some specimens of Sacred Rosé Pink Lithium Quartz also have Green Fuchsite in and on them. Green Fuchsite is of course another powerful heart crystal!
Green Fuchsite brings the emotional and physical body into balance. This has the effect of a calmer personality as your emotional self is much more comfortable existing within the physical plain of reality. It is a good stone for healers who give and put a lot of their own energy into their subjects during healing consultations, as it helps keeps their own energy levels up. Fuchsite is constantly seeking to balance and rejuvenate. It can help one stand back from situations and gain balanced and non-biased insights into any circumstances.

Using Fuchsite whilst working within the devic realms is a wonderful thing to do. It is a real nature stone and inspires excellence while gardening, landscaping, or working with the land in general. It is is a wonderful stone for obtaining a deeper level of meditation, especially when used in nature type environments. Keep a piece handy if you know you are going into a situation where you may feel overwhelmed, by either emotional issues or mental ones such as a tough exam at a center of learning.

Fuchsite is a sparkling beautiful helper, eager to assist with extra energy and/or become a conduit between the devic and human realms. It clears the consciousness to let through what is truly important in the given moment.
Clearly, the Lithium and Fuchsite are highly complimentary minerals and combined with the amazing purity and energy of the silver light quartz brings an energy with it that humanity needs more now than ever. Revel and dance in the pure joy that our beautiful Earth Mother has shared with us at this time of need.

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